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Light inflatable fast corded travel kayak-canoe Pike-3
    3-seater lightweight inflatable fast corded kayak-canoe Pike-3 for a long travel (solo, family, sport): calm water or white water (see photos below).
    Speedy almost like hard-hull canoe.
    Long-travel: much place for luggage under sittings and in large zipped on-deck pockets
    Only cord materials (i.e. not PVC-film): PVC-fabric hull with single-layer not-inflatable bottom and sewn in kayak spray skirts*, and 2 removable inner air PU-fabric tubes of www.Lamcotec.com fabric (USA).

 Net weight  12.7 kg (28 lbs)
 Carrying capacity  400kg (880 lbs), 3-seater
 Luggage volume  360L (13 ft3), including a rucksack on a poop
 Size  26*85*520cm (10x34x210''), packed: 30x30x100cm (12x12x40'')
 Color  Bottom - gray, olive or yellow, top - (dark)blue or fotocamouflage (not all combinations are available!)
 Quality  Only rare gas escapes (from inner tubes) and fabric destruction occurred till 2006 (among 2500 boats). Warning: non-suture bottom technology causes some side wrinkles (see photos below), which decrease a little with time.
 Kayak paddle $27, pump $13, waterproof bags 20,40,120L for luggage $9,13,23
* comment: The sewn in kayak spray skirts can be slipped on by bad weather or in rapids but they are not fixed on body and don't assure total leaktightness. Material - water-resistant nylon.
See photos below

  Make order: stalker-mike@yandex.ru
  Nominal price: $570
  Delivery (worldwide, national mail, tracking, insurance included):
  • $100surface mail
  • $160airmail
  • $220express
      Check with your post office for delivery possibility and customs
      Location: Russia, Moscow
      Payment: PayPal, Bank
      Return: 30 days money back
      Warranty: 3 years.
      Buyer pays return shipping, we pay postrepair shipping
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    Some photos of Pike-3 from different sources


    From Pavel (Vousnayoki river) and other travelers (click it):

    One kayaker in Pike-3:

    Table and sofa:

    Passing of fallen trees:

    Pike-2 and Pike-3:

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